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Primary School - Use Madge Maths Master
By the time they are 7, pupils need to know their tables up to 6-times and how to add and subtract numbers up to 20 in their heads.
Madge Maths Master lets them practise on 100 different quizzes. See who can get to the top of the high score table.
This practice helps Key Stage 1 tests to be passed at the highest possible level. The over-7s use the harder quizzes in Madge Maths Master to get ready for Key Stage 2.
We have 10 Key Stage 2 Aural Tests tests recorded on cassette or CD. These are just like the real thing. Pupils practise with these and get to level 6.
Secondary School
Is mental maths a problem? Our Numbers CD-ROM gives lots of practice, without using childish graphics.
Personal tuition in GCSE Maths and Maths for A-Level Physics is provided by Talking Software - illustrated talks followed by questions, each with answer and worked solution. Use it with those who have missed lessons or who need extra help.
A teacher's unit will report on each pupil's progress.